Your road to academic success

Info for Parents

FASTrack benefits students in many ways, and we now have years of data to prove those benefits. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment creates a control group that allows annual assessments of our effectiveness. For eight years, FASTrack students have outperformed students in the control group. For example, students in the Fall 2014 class of FASTrack returned to UM for their sophomore year at a rate of 88.7%. This rate of return beat the control group rate of 84.8% and even the overall UM rate of 86.5%. We do not guarantee success. Our students must work hard and earn their grades. We do guarantee that we will support them energetically along the way.

What do parents say about FASTrack?

“FASTrack provides a safety net, and this program was one of the reasons why we looked at Ole Miss to begin with.”

“My son was going to be in great jeopardy during his transition to university-level academic responsibilities and the requirement for greater self-discipline and priority setting. FASTrack has been invaluable, providing the structure that he needs as he grows into his new ‘job.’ His midterm grades were the best he has achieved since grammar school, and the confidence he is developing will help to carry him through the rest of his Ole Miss career.”