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Math Developmental (DS 099): Intermediate Algebra (3 credits)

Students with the Math Developmental status are required to take this course. Students whose Math ACT area score is 17 or 18 or who’s revised SAT math score is 460-500 should be encouraged to enroll in the ALEKS PPL administered by the Math department.

  • ACT math score < 19 or SATR math < 510.
  • Students enrolled in DS 099, Intermediate Algebra, are not allowed to enroll in CHEM 101, ECON 202 or any course with the MATH prefix.
  • Students having a math ACT score of 17-18 or SATR math score of 460-500 may take a math placement test given by the Department of Mathematics. Click here for more informationThe DS 099 status will not be removed until an acceptable placement test score is reported.
  • Passing this level of math course or higher before fall semester begins will remove this status.
  • Students are allowed to retake the ACT/SAT national test to change the DS status. Test must be taken before fall classes begin.
  • Passing an appropriate intermediate or higher level course at another college before fall semester begins will remove the DS status. Transcripts must be received before the status can be changed. To determine whether a course at another institution is equivalent to a DS class, please check Transfer Equivalency Resources or email Patricia Treloar at if not present.