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FASTrack Orientation FAQ’s

We are here for Orientation and just heard about FASTrack. Can we still join? 

Yes! Please submit an application as quickly as possible. Assistant Director Susan Nicholas will review applications at 6:00 p.m. on Orientation Day 1 and email you letting you know you have been accepted and to attend advising on Day 2 in J.D. Williams Library 106-D. To apply to FASTrack click here!

If you submit an application on Orientation Day 2, please attend the advising session listed on your card. Susan will contact you later that afternoon to let you know that you have been accepted into FASTrack and we can adjust your schedule at that time. 

We made it to orientation, when do we meet with FASTrack and where do we go?

  • Parents and Guardians: Day 2- Campus Services A: FASTrack (Student Union 323) at 10 am

  • FASTrack Students: Day 2- FASTrack Advising Session: LIB 106D with Ms. Jacquline Certion

Is the FASTrack Advising Session required? Yes, FASTrack Advising is required!

Below you can find additional details as to why FASTrack Advising is required!

  1. Does the student have to go? YES! All students (No parents/guardians allowed) who have been admitted to FASTrack MUST attend their assigned FASTrack Advising session to stay in our program.
  2. Where is FASTrack Advising located? Library 106 D: FASTrack Advising will be held in the morning on DAY 2 in the Library Classroom on the ground floor. Students are pre-assigned to one of the following session times (9:45 am; 10:45 am; 11:45 am) with Ms. Jacquline Certion.
  3. What happens during my advising session? Students get the opportunity to meet with their Academic Advisor, Academic Mentors & current FASTrack student leaders! New FASTrack students will be placed into small groups of 20. During their advising session, students register for their fall classes! Once their advising session is complete FASTrack students will have their new fall class schedule!  

To view the FRESHMAN Orientation Schedule click here!

For more information regarding orientation at The University of Mississippi visit the Orientation website!