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We made it to orientation, when do we meet with FASTrack and where do we go?

If you have been accepted into FASTrack prior to the orientation you will receive an email from FASTrack to your official Ole Miss email account with your FASTrack advising time (CDT) and zoom links to access your FASTrack Advising Session.

FASTrack Advising Schedule 

FASTrack Advising Welcome 9:30-10:00 Day 1 (Required)

Advising Sessions 9:30-4:30 Day 1&2 (Required) 

Parent Q&A 12:00-1:00 Day 1

Freshman Orientation Dates

Freshman 1: May 21 & 22

Freshman 2: June 1 & 2

Freshman 3: June 4 & 5

Freshman 4: June 8 & 9

Freshman 5: June 11 & 12

Freshman 6: June 15 & 16

Freshman 7: June 18 & 19

Freshman 8: June 25 & 26

Freshman 9: June 29 & 30

Freshman 10: July 1 & 2

Freshman 11: August 18 & 19

What is the FASTrack Advising Welcome? 

The FASTrack Advising Welcome is for students only and is required before students can be advised. We use this time to help students log into their my.olemiss account and set up additional registration and privacy screens prior to advising. This step is essential for incoming students, so they are ready to meet their FASTrack advisor and secure their schedule. Please remember this is only offered on Day 1 of orientation. This is also an opportunity for our incoming students to meet some of our current students and staff. 

Is the FASTrack Advising Session required? Yes, FASTrack Advising is required!

Below you can find additional details as to why FASTrack Advising is required!

  1. Does the student have to go? YES! All students (no parents or guardians allowed) who have been admitted to FASTrack MUST attend their assigned FASTrack Advising session to stay in our program. 
  2. Where is FASTrack Advising located? FASTrack advising sessions will be held via zoom. Check your official Ole Miss email for your FASTrack advising time and zoom links. These emails are sent out two days prior to orientation. FASTrack Advising will be held in the morning and afternoon on DAY 1 and 2 via zoom. Students are pre-assigned to time sessions between 9:30-4:30 CDT with Ms. Jacquline Certion and Brandee Bradley.
  3. What happens during my advising session? Students get the opportunity to meet with their Academic Advisor, Academic Mentors & current FASTrack student leaders! New FASTrack students will be placed into small groups of 20. During their advising session, students register for their fall classes! Once their advising session is complete FASTrack students will have their new fall class schedule!  

Should I join the Parent Q&A?

Most definitely! This is where we ask our parents to join us, if you have questions about the program or need assistance with information this is the place for you! This session is specifically created for parents, it is lead by our Academic Mentors with support from our student leaders. Please feel free to join us and learn more about FASTrack. Parents and students both receive an email with the Parent Q&A zoom link!

Is there any way I can prepare in advance for my FASTrack Advising appointment? 

Yes, be on the look out for an email from FASTrack with your advising time. We only send these emails to your official Ole Miss email account! Before you attend your FASTrack advising session, please check out your blackboard for additional orientation information. 

To view the FRESHMAN Orientation Schedule click here!

For more information regarding orientation at The University of Mississippi visit the Orientation website!