FASTrack Learning Community
FASTrack: Foundations of Academic Success Track


FASTrack is a Learning Community

FASTrack Learning Community provides a strong foundation for academic success by easing student transitions into The University of Mississippi. We help first-year students build campus connections through linked classes and one-on-one mentoring with additional options such as our living-learning residence hall, co-curricular programs, and enhanced student leadership opportunities.

You belong in FASTrack!

FASTrack connects you to a network of mentors– student, staff, and faculty– who deeply care about students and their academic success. We guide students by helping them utilize campus resources to navigate college life.

First, we offer specialized advising during Freshman Orientation where you meet other FASTrack students. Our staff helps you register for your fall classes. We assist with scheduling your designated FASTrack classes and other first-year courses based on your academic interests.

Our classes are small, limited to 20 students. They are also linked so you see the same classmates daily during your first semester. FASTrack students connect quickly! You can easily find study partners and work together on engaging class projects.


The 2024-2025 application is open.  Click Here to Apply!