FASTrack Learning Community
FASTrack: Foundations of Academic Success Track

Application FAQs

1. What is FASTrack?

FASTrack is a first-year learning community that helps students transition into college. 


2. Can I apply to FASTrack before being accepted into the university?

No, anyone interested in applying to FASTrack must first be admitted to the University of Mississippi before applying to FASTrack.


3. How do I access my WebID in order to apply to FASTrack?

Once you are an admitted student, you should receive a text message or email with your WebID asking you to reset your password. You can also check your status online to determine your admission at You will use your WebID to apply online for housing, register for orientation, access your Ole Miss e-mail and more, so it’s important you remember your WebID and password! For help with accessing your WebID, contact our IT Helpdesk at 662-915-5222.


 4. Is there any additional cost to being a part of FASTrack?

There is no application fee when applying to FASTrack. However, there is a one-time fee of $440 applied to your Fall Bursar bill after you have been accepted into the FASTrack program. This one-time fee is the only cost. Students who are Pell-eligible will not be responsible for this fee.


5. Can anyone apply to FASTrack?

FASTrack is open to all incoming first-year students in most majors. We do not serve students in the Honors College, the Croft Institute, the Luckyday Program, the School of Engineering, or students taking two Developmental Studies courses because these programs offer similar systems of support. 


6. If I submit test scores, what scores are needed to be a part of FASTrack?  

Students will need to have a 17 or above sub score for the English section on the ACT.  If a student is planning on submitting SATR scores, he or she will need a 470 or above for the Evidence based Reading and English section to be a part of the FASTrack Learning Community.


7. What classes does FASTrack offer?

FASTrack core classes include Writing 101: First-Year Writing (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), EDHE 105: The Freshman Year Experience (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and a social science course: psychology or sociology. FASTrack classes are small, limited to 20 students, and linked by FASTrack cohorts where students see the same classmates daily during their first semester. Click here to learn more about FASTrack courses! 


8. What if I already have credit for Composition/Writing from a community college or AP exam?

If you are in FASTrack, you are required to take Writing 101 in the fall with your small cohort from an exemplary teacher. No exceptions can be made to this policy! Students with incoming credit for Writing 101 are not always prepared for university level writing. Our writing instructors are selected to help FASTrack students increase their writing skills to be successful at the University of Mississippi. 


9. I am ready to apply! 

*Please note you must be admitted to the University of Mississippi and have a webID to apply.*

The application for 2024-2025 is open. Click Here to Apply!



For additional information please contact or call 662-915-1448