FASTrack Learning Community
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Living-Learning Community

What is a living learning community?

Living learning communities (LLCs) provide students in specific academic programs with opportunities to connect with peers in their residential communities.


FASTrack Living Learning Community

When students choose to be a part of our optional FASTrack Living Learning Community they get additional interaction with other FASTrack students and added social programs or community events all within the comfort of their own contemporary residence hall, located just across the street from the main FASTrack office!

The FASTrack Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides a contemporary residential environment that fosters academic and social success for first-year students who are accepted into the FASTrack program. The FASTrack LLC is currently located in Burns Hall—an ideal location with easy access to The Rebel Market, J.D. Williams Library, the Residential Garage, and the Student Health Center—and requires no additional application beyond the general housing application. Living in the FASTrack LLC adds an additional layer of community to help FASTrack students succeed in their transition to college.  

If you’re planning to participate in the FASTrack living-learning community your roommate must be eligible for the same community!

Looking for a FASTrack roommate?

Visit the FASTrack LLC Roommate Connections Facebook page to connect with other FASTrack students in need of a roommate!

While not all members of FASTrack will choose to live in the LLC, any FASTrack participant is eligible. Spaces will be available on a first-come, first served basis. Students can choose bed spaces in the LLC during room selection.

For more information regarding living in the FASTrack LLC, contact or (662) 915-7328.