FASTrack Learning Community
FASTrack: Foundations of Academic Success Track

Parents & Guardians

Our Goal

FASTrack is a first year learning community and stands for “Foundations of Academic Success Track.” We help your student transition from high school to the University of Mississippi by providing them with resources to ensure their success.


Our Resources

Academic Mentors: We provide your student with a network of mentors who deeply care about their academic success. Our team of mentors can assist your student with anything they may need–whether that is pointing them in the right direction, providing resources, or even just being a listening ear. 

Academic Advisor: Our academic advisor is available year-round to help students with registering for classes and ensuring their schedules keep them on track to graduate. Your student can also utilize these services to discuss and plan for changing majors or adding a minor in an easy and effective way. 

Peer Mentors: Our team of student leaders can help your new students transition to maximize their potential while in college. They can help with providing information regarding campus resources, clubs and organizations, and events on campus. These leaders are a great resource for your student to gather a student perspective on successfully navigating college life. Upon competition of your students first year, they are eligible to gain leadership experience and assist with the transition of the next class of students.

Cohorted Classes of less than 20 students: The core classes are established to help students connect quickly to create a sense of community within their academic setting. This allows students to form informal study groups, work on class projects, and meet friends! These classes include: WRIT 101: First Year Writing and EDHE 105: The Freshman Year Experience.


The application for 2024-2025 is open. Click Here to Apply!

Please note your student must be admitted to the University of Mississippi and have a webID to apply. 


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