FASTrack Learning Community
FASTrack: Foundations of Academic Success Track

General Information FAQs

1. What is FASTrack?

FASTrack is a first-year learning community that helps students transition from high school to college.


2. Is FASTrack a remedial program?

No, FASTrack is not a remedial program.


3. What is an academic mentor?

As a FASTrack student, you will have an academic mentor on your side. These are fabulous people who are ready to help you navigate your first year of college. Academic mentors offer all kinds of encouragement and advice, from how to find tutors to how to manage your time wisely. Your academic mentor will be available to you all year long—and beyond. They are important allies in your path to success.


4. Why do I need FASTrack? I did fine in high school, so I’m pretty sure I won’t need extra help in college.

You will benefit from FASTrack even if you never encounter a problem in college. Smaller classes, handpicked teachers, a strong sense of community, positive peers, friendly mentors: these are benefits that will help you maximize your experience and earn your best grades. At the same time, college is very different from high school, and you never know what challenges you might encounter. FASTrack students have lots of extra support available and ready, if needed.