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The Courses

FASTrack students take three courses together as a cohort in the Fall Semester, and three in the Spring Semester. Below is the FASTrack schedule for the 2012-2013 academic year. Check out FASTrack’s Faculty and Staff and learn why instructors choose to teach FASTrack!

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

Writing 101 (Composition)

Writing 102 (Composition)

EDHE 105 (Academic Skills)

BISC 102 (Survey of Human Biology)

History 101 (European History)

History 102 (European History)

Fall Semester

WRIT 101 – First-Year Writing I

Prepares students to write in college by focusing on writing as process for a variety of contexts and audiences. Develops information literacy, awareness of conventions, skills of inquiry, exploration, and argumentation. Includes mulitmodal writing presented in ePortfolios. A student may not receive credit for both Writ 100 and Writ 101.

EDHE 105 – Freshman Year Experience

Designed to help first-year students adjust to the university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, acquire essential survival skills, and begin the major/career exploration process. The course also introduces students to the mission, values, and constituencies of a comprehensive public university, and to ethical and social concerns affecting its functioning.

HIS 101 – History of Europe to 1648

Introduction to European history from the Classical era to 1648.


Spring Semester

WRIT 102 – First-Year Writing II

Writing processes, skills on inquiry, exploration, and argumentation, with special emphasis on research, information literacy, and writing for a variety of contexts and audiences. Includes multimodal writing presented in ePortfolios.

BISC 102 – Inquiry Into Life Human Biology

A survey course intended for nonbiology majors, introducing basic principles and emphasizing the function of the human body, including diseases, cellular process, respiration, muscular system, reproduction, development, immunity, and inheritance. Will not count for credit if Bisc 160 is counted. Applies to the science requirement of the core curriculum. Associated laboratory is Bisc 103.

HIS 102 – History of Europe Since 1648

Introduction to European history since 1648.